Melanie is devoted to men and women leaders that want to express great things in all areas of life and business, who are willing to reach deep inside themselves to find their natural leadership and express their greatness to the world. Leaders who are always curious, on the move and want to learn with humor and seriousness. Growing can be fun!

Are you ready to convert your potential?

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At a time when we had to face some serious issues in the Board of Directors, I found it very useful to have my sparring sessions with Melanie. Through her stainless and confronting questioning, I managed to find a solution for an ongoing restless period in the Board. After we implemented the outcome of our conversations, a whole different and positive atmosphere in the Board arose. It was one of the best decisions I made.

Founder International Lottery Business

Last year I had to face challenges in my private life as well as in my business field. All the trouble came at once. My whole life turned upside down. I followed a very intense coaching period of half a year, and now a year later, I don’t know how I would have done it without her.
She made me see my life from a total different angle and she showed me my negative mind blocks and turned them into a much more positive mindset. I called it midlife…she gave me some great insights about myself and even in my darkest moments, she showed me the lightness of being…
and with her loyal and humorous approach, it was easier to cope with all the challenges.

Senior Salesdirector, IT Business

As an introvert, I needed to find tools to be able to face my extravert colleagues more easily with their strong-minded opinions. For too long, I hadden’t spoken my truth which ended up in cycle of low self-esteem. With her coaching I found some great tools and procedures to cope with them in a much more fun and relaxed way as we used to.

One of the Founders of a IT License Management Company